Student Resources

The Djaringo team is here to help.  Whether you are a student with us for 1-Day or 3-Months we will support you.  We want you to succeed and to achieve your qualifications and goals.

Selection of students

Recruitment of students will be conducted at all times in an ethical and responsible manner and be consistent with the requirements of the curriculum/training package. Djaringo will ensure that application and selection processes are transparent and appropriate and comply with access and equity principles.

Information provided to students

Djaringo will provide accurate, relevant and up-to-date information to students prior to course commencement. This will include, but not be limited to:


  • Certification to be issued to the student on completion or partial completion of the course
  • Competencies to be achieved during the training
  • Assessment procedures
  • Arrangement for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL/RCC)
  • Complaints /appeal on assessment procedure
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Student support services
  • Application process and eligibility criteria
  • Fees and costs involved in undertaking training
  • Fee refund policy

Complaints & Grievances

Djaringo offers all students and clients the opportunity to make a complaint. The complaint and grievance process is viewed as an opportunity for continuous improvement. Employees and Host Employers are encouraged to contact Djaringo to raise any complaints/grievances and are assured that the complaint/grievance will be dealt with in an efficient and effective manner, equitably, confidentially and ensure impartiality is maintained. We will ensure that all parties are kept up to date with the progress or actions taken and that the process is documented with accurate records maintained.

Terms and Definitions


Core units of study

Core units of study are the units which are compulsory and must be completed for the award of the particular qualification.

For example, “CPCCCM1012A –Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry”  is a core unit for the CPC10111 – Certificate I in Construction.


Elective units of study

Elective units of study are units which students can select from a range of options available for each qualification.

For example, “CPCCCM1015A – Carry out measurements and calculations”  is an elective unit for the
CPC10111 – Certificate I in Construction.