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Qualifications & Units of competency

This is a list of training products that the Djaringo RTO has approval to deliver training and/or assessment in. It is not an indication of what training products the Djaringo RTO is actually delivering.
Individuals should contact the Djaringo to confirm all delivery details of different training products.
For individual course locations, length and unit selections, please see the flyer for the course. You can get this from Djaringo.

Please select a code or qualification/course number in the tables below to view more information.


CHC32015- Certificate III in Community Services
CPC10111- Certificate I in Construction
CPC20211- Certificate II in Construction Pathways
RII20115- Certificate II in Resources and Infrastructure Work Preparation
RII30815- Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations
RII30115- Certificate III in Surface Extraction
SIT10116- Certificate I in Tourism (Australian Indigenous Culture)
SIT20316- Certificate II in Hospitality
SIT30616- Certificate III in Hospitality
TLI31616- Certificate III in Warehousing Operations

Units of competency

AHCILM404A- Record and document community history
TLILIC2001- Licence to operate a forklift truck
FDFOP2005A- Work in a socially diverse environmentAHC21010
AHCOHS201A- Participate in OHS processesAHC21010
AHCWRK209A- Participate in environmentally sustainable work practicesAHC21010
AHCWRK205A- Participate in workplace communicationsAHC21010
BSBINM201A- Process and maintain workplace informationAHC21010
HLTFA301C- Apply first aidAHC21010
TLID1001A- Shift materials safely using manual handling methodsAHC21010
AHCPGD201A- Plant trees and shrubsAHC21010
AHCPMG201- Treat weedsAHC21010
AHCPCM201- Recognise plantsAHC21010
CPCCCM1012A- Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industryCPC10111
CPCCCM1013A- Plan and organise workCPC10111
CPCCCM1014A- Conduct workplace communicationCPC10111
CPCCCM1015A- Carry out measurements and calculationsCPC10111
CPCCCM2001A- Read and interpret plans and specificationsCPC10111
CPCCWHS1001- Work safely in the construction industryCPC10111
CPCOHS2001A- Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industryCPC10111
CPCCVE1011A- Undertake a basic construction projectCPC10111
CPCCCM2004A- Handle construction materialsCPC10111
CPCCCO2013A- Carry out concreting to simple formsCPC20211
MEM05050B- Perform routine gas metal arc weldingCPC20211
CPCCCM2006- Apply basic levelling proceduresCPC10111
CPCCCA2002B- Use carpentry tools and equipmentCPC20211
CPCCCA2003A- Erect and dismantle formwork for footings and slabs on groundCPC20211
CPCCCA2011A- Handle carpentry materialsCPC20211
RIIWHS201D- Work safely and follow WHS policies and proceduresRII20115
RIIRIS201D- Conduct local risk controlRII20115
RIIENV201D- Identify and assess environmental and heritage concernsRII20115
RIIHAN201D- Operate a forkliftRII20115
RIICCM201D- Carry out measurements and calculationsRII20115
RIISAM203D- Use hand and power toolsRII20115
RIIBEF201D- Plan and organise workRII20115
RIICCM203D- Read and interpret plans and specificationsRII20115
RIICOM201D- Communicate in the workplaceRII20115
RIICCM202D- Identify, locate and protect underground servicesRII30815
RIICCM205D- Carry out manual excavationRII30815
RIICCM206D- Support plant operationsRII30815
RIICCM207D- Spread and compact materials manuallyRII30815
RIICCM208D- Carry out basic levellingRII30815
RIISAM201D- Handle resources and infrastructure materials and safely dispose of non toxic materialsRII30815
RIISAM203D- Use hand and power toolsRII30815
RIISAM204D- Operate small plant and equipmentRII30815
RIIWMG203D- Drain and dewater civil construction siteRII30815
RIIMPO318D- Conduct civil construction skid steer loader operationsRII30815
RIIMPO320D- Conduct civil construction excavator operationsRII30815
RIIWHS205D- Control traffic with stop-slow batRII30815
RIIRIS201D- Conduct local risk controlRII30815
RIIQUA201D- Maintain and monitor site quality standardsRII30815
SITTGDE001- Interpret aspects of local Australian Indigenous cultureSIT10116
SITXWHS001- Participate in safe work practicesSIT10116
BSBWOR203- Work effectively with othersSIT10116
BSBCMM201- Communicate in the workplaceSIT10116
SITXCOM001- Source and present informationSIT10116
BSBSUS201- Participate in environmentally sustainable work practicesSIT10116
SITHCCC003- Prepare and present sandwichesSIT20316
BSBCMM201- Communicate in the workplaceSIT20316
SITXCCS003- Interact with customersSIT20316
SITXCOM002- Show social and cultural sensitivitySIT20316
SITXFSA001- Use hygienic practices for food safetySIT20316
SITHKOP001- Clean kitchen premises and equipmentSIT20316
SITHIND002- Source and use information on the hospitality industrySIT20316
SITHCCC004- Package prepared foodstuffsSIT20316
SITHIND003- Use hospitality skills effectivelySIT20316
SITHCCC002- Prepare and present simple dishesSIT20316
SITHIND004- Work effectively in the hospitality serviceSIT30616
SITXCCS006- Provide service to customersSIT30616
SITXCOM002- Show social and cultural sensitivitySIT30616
SITXHRM001- Coach other in job skillsSIT30616
SITXFSA001- Use hygienic practices for food safetySIT30616
SITHKOP001- Clean kitchen premises and equipmentSIT30616
BSBSUS201- Participate in environmentally sustainable work practicesSIT30616
SITHCCC006- Prepare appetisers and saladsSIT30616
SITFHAB005- Prepare and serve espresso coffeeSIT30616
INDMEN001- Mentor Indigenous workers for job retention10139NAT
CHCDIV001- Work with diverse people10139NAT
CHCCOM002 - Use communication to build relationships10139NAT

Accredited Courses

10139NATCourse in Indigenous Mentoring