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AHC21016 – Certificate II in conservation and land management

Qualification Description

This qualification provides an occupational outcome in conservation and land management. Work would be carried out under general guidance and supervision.
The qualification enables individuals to select an Indigenous land management, conservation earthworks, lands, parks and wildlife or natural area management context as a job focus or a mix of these.

No occupational licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

Entry Requirements

Satisfactory completion of LLN before course commencement.

Packaging Rules


AHC21016 Core Units

AHCWHS201- Participate in WHS processes
TLID1001- Shift materials safely using manual handling methods
AHCWRK204- Work effectively in the industry
AHCWRK205- Participate in workplace communication
AHCWRK209- Participate in environmentally sustainable practices
AHCILM202- Observe and report plants or animals
AHCNSY203- Undertake propagation activities
AHCPCM201- Recognise plants
AHCPGD203- Prune shrubs and small trees
EHCPMG201- Treat weeds
AHCNSY201- Pot up plants
AHCNSY202- Tend nursery plants
AHCPGD201-Plant trees and shrubs
AHCPGD202- Maintain plant displays
HLTAID003- Provide first aid