Djaringo RTO

Djaringo is an Aboriginal owned Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and the training arm of Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation (NAC).  It provides training and education opportunities in the Kimberley region to help individuals and communities build a better future.

As a division of Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation, we are managed and owned by Aboriginal members with a board of 12 Indigenous people from Broome and the Dampier Peninsula.

Djaringo is a Bard word meaning ‘people of the country’, to reflect who will be supported by the RTO.



NIRRUMBUK (Nyul Language) is the largest permanent fresh water spring on the Dampier Peninsular. Prior to settlement, the Aboriginal Nations of the region would sustain themselves from the spring and was a permanent source of water and food.

The Nirrumbuk membership chose the name to reflect the Corporations membership and its objectives, to sustain our people in the modern context, providing the opportunity for development that enables participation in Australian society through training, employment, economic development and infrastructure provision

Our Mission

Djarino’s Mission is to provide Aboriginal people of Western Australia, with training to develop the skills required to gain employment in the mainstream labour market and to assist in the achievement of self-sufficiency, self-management and to obtain a better standard of living.

Our Values

  • To support Aboriginal people of Western Australia in the development of their communities and enhancement of their well being
  • To provide Aboriginal people of Western Australia with training to develop the skills required to undertake work activities
  • To develop skills and knowledge of Aboriginal people and improve their ability to gain employment in the mainstream labour market
  • To assist Aboriginal people in community development, capacity building, and cultural conservation through training
  • To provide Aboriginal people with skills that will improve community development and infrastructure

Our Services

Djaringo offers a range of nationally accredited courses for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. We provide flexible training methods to support our students. Djaringo has its own facilities and equipment to deliver training in both classroom and work place settings.
Please see our Courses page for courses on scope at Djaringo. For specific course details, including dates, locations, duration and unit selections, please request a flyer for the course you are interested in from our office.